6 Reasons To Build An Outdoor Room Now

When it comes to building any type of extension to your home, there can be a lot of questions and hesitation throughout;

  • When is the right time?
  • How much do you want to spend?
  • Should you wait another year?
  • Where do you even start?

We get it: They’re the questions a lot of people ask the first time we sit down and talk. So, if you’re at home, making lists of pros and cons, here are the top reasons you should clear your head and get on to building your outdoor room now!  

1. Chances are, you’re spending more time at home.

You might be tired of talking about it and thinking about it, but the reality is, the pandemic has changed the way many people spend time in their homes. There’s been a need for more space, whether for working, studying or just hanging out together for longer periods of time.

2. It’s time to make the most of your outdoor space.

What’s the point of having a lovely garden or play space if you can’t use it because it’s too hot in the summer and too rainy in the winter (not to mention windy, depending on where you live!)? Not only does an outdoor room expand your home – it helps you enjoy the beauty of your outdoor space in ways you haven’t been able to.

A flat roof bounces off the heat of the sun, filters light all day and protects from rain, while adjustable blinds give shade, provide privacy and cut off the blustery winds.

Host dinner parties, curl up with a book and a cuppa, create a messy play space for toddlers or a chill-out space for your teens! The space will be yours to enjoy in every season, whatever the weather.

3. If you’ve been thinking about it, you won’t regret it.

One of the first things people say after their outdoor room is complete is: “I wish I had done this sooner!” You can spend years thinking about completing your home, or waiting until the time is just right; and once you do it, you’ll find that it adds so much space and flexibility that you might just wonder why you spent that time waiting.

4. Do it for the value add!

Building an outdoor room will typically add 3 times the value of what it cost to build the room. Even more, it adds a level of desirability to the home – for you as you live in it, for agents as they market it, and for future buyers as they make competitive offers.

5. Have we mentioned the cost savings?

Did you know that it costs, on average, $3,000 per square metre to build in New Zealand? This is variable depending on design and materials, and doesn’t even include planning and consent costs, or exterior costs like plumbing, fencing or landscaping. That means if you build, you’re looking at a project that costs well over $100,000 and could take more than a year to complete.

Why go through the time and headache of all of that when you can add an outdoor room at a fraction of the cost and within the next 3 to 4 months?

6. Finance rates continue to be low and costs continue to rise.

There is a level of unpredictability to finance rates and supply costs right now; there have been some significant cost increases in the past year and delays when it comes to getting raw materials.

There are some suppliers asking that we lock in a certain amount of product to be able to secure a particular price point. Others are on a first come first serve basis.

We benefit from having local manufacturing facilities that produce high quality products according to demand, but the raw material cost is getting higher and the industry forecasts don’t predict any change in this pressure for some time. Now could be the best time to lock in your outdoor room at a price you can afford.

So the question really is: Why delay??

If you’re ready to reclaim your outdoor space with a custom-built outdoor room, get in touch with the team today.

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