Flat Roof vs Louvre Roof: Which is right for you?

Flat roof, louvre roof … flat roof, louvre roof … flat roof, louvre roof … which one is best for your home?

It’s a big decision, one you might be tossing around in your head.

So let’s simplify it for you by taking a look at the main similarities and differences.

First, the similarities:

Both block out the harsh sun, rain and wind, giving superior coverage – meaning you can enjoy your outdoor space in any season.  

Both can be attached to your house or freestanding to create a destination-like entertainment spot.

And, both pair perfectly with outdoor blinds and screens to offer extra weather protection and privacy.

So what are the big differences?

Often, the decision will come down to your preference and your space, but here are a few differences that can help guide your decision:

Design & Control

The flat roof is made from translucent light panels installed between ceiling-like steel panels. This means the panels filter light through and bounce the heat away, so you’re not sitting under the sauna-like effect of corrugated plastic.

The louvre roof is a seamless aluminium structure with wide-ranging, remote-controlled blades. That means you can open the louvre when the weather is lovely, adjust the blades as the sunlight changes, and close it to a flat ceiling when the rain comes (or even better, let the rain sensors automatically close it for you).


The flat roof works well in a variety of locations and is particularly advantageous if you want to cover a deck or patio that has multiple angles, or corners to wrap.

The louvre roof is best suited to square or rectangular spaces, and provides a real ‘wow’ factor!. You can put multiple louvres together to expand your space, but they don’t work as well around angles/corners.


While cost is always dependent on the nature of your space and the size of your outdoor cover, the flat roof tends to cost less than a louvre roof when comparing apples with apples. With similar sized spaces between 18-30 square meters, the flat roof generally comes in around 40-50% less than a louvre roof of the same coverage.

However, as opposed to extending your house, both offer some of the most cost-effective ways to expand your home and make the most of the outdoors.

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