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Outdoor blinds

Enclose your outdoor space to relax or entertain all year round

Unlock your outdoor living potential.

Expand your living space
Add the perfect living space to your home for a fraction of the cost of extending the house
Control the weather
Rain and wind won't dampen your dinner plans with the flexibility of an outdoor blind
Enjoy outdoor living
A light and airy space perfect for alfresco dining you are proud to show off

The weather shouldn’t determine your plans.

Why have a beautiful home with an outdoor area you can’t use?
You deserve an outdoor area that compliments your home, an outdoor room that suits your lifestyle.

Available colours and materials

Shadeview Classic Mesh

Shadeview Urban Mesh

Shadeview Extreme Mesh


About outdoor blinds

Complete your outdoor room with blinds to enclose the space, ensuring protection from the elements, as well as privacy.
Available as clear PVC, or multiple mesh densities, along with a huge range of colours, there is sure to be a blind to suit your lifestyle.
Two types of blinds are available - tension style, or crank handle style, whichever suits you.

Working with us is simple


Schedule a time at your place, together we will design a roof tailored to your space, suited to your lifestyle and needs.


We will tailor a quote for you, best suited to your design and budget, at a fixed cost so there are no hidden surprises.


Our team of professionals will build your new room to the highest standard, keeping you informed along the way.
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Why a fixed structure?

In New Zealand, many people face the issue of having an outdoor living space they can't use. This is due to the weather being too hot in summer and too wet in winter, with rain in between.

A fixed structure allows for a weather proof solution, that is cool in summer by bouncing the heat away, and dry in winter with a sealed finish. Combined with outdoor blinds, the space can be enclosed to create a beautiful, yet functional, outdoor room.

It must cost a lot?

Given that the typical square metre rate to build a house in New Zealand is typically $2000+ per square meter, the ability to expand your living space with an outdoor room adds a lot of value for less cost.

You gain a living and entertainment space for a fraction of the cost of adding another internal room to your house. Plus, the added benefit of allowing plenty of natural light into your house, along with a beautifully aesthetic piece that you will be proud to show off, makes an outdoor room the go-to solution.

What is your point of difference?

You want a great looking outdoor living space as a place to relax, or entertain, throughout the year. You are a quality person with a lifestyle that requires the perfect place to recharge.

To ensure quality people get quality products, we choose to go with the supplier with the best reputation. That way, we always provide a quality finish with every outdoor room.

Not only are the materials quality, but the workmanship and the team are all about exceptional customer service.

We believe our business will grow with satisfied customers giving referrals and testimonies, therefore we aim to please.

Aren't outdoor roofs ugly?

Functional space is one thing, but what about look and feel? It's hard to relax in a space that doesn't provide a sense of peace and serenity, and part of that comes down to how the space is designed and built.

Whenever a customer decides on an outdoor room through us, we design the roof to their specific needs. We will typically connect to the house fascia, or against the wall, which helps the roof blend in with the existing structure.

Oftentimes, people are worried about big ugly brackets that prop a roof up, visible for the world to see and judge. Not us - we prefer discrete brackets (when required) hidden under the house roofing. This allows us to build engineered structures that look great.

Don't wait.

You are one click away from a beautiful new outdoor room.
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