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Entertain your friends and family outside

Designer outdoor rooms to suit your lifestyle

Reclaim your outdoor space

An outdoor room you can be proud of

Unlock your outdoor living potential.

Expand your living space

Add a living space to your home for a fraction of the cost of an internal room

Control the weather

Come rain or shine, you can enjoy your outdoor space all year round

Enjoy outdoor living

A stylish space for alfresco dining you are proud to show off to family and friends
Flat roof over patio area with a trellis on two sides

The weather shouldn’t determine your plans.

Most deck and patio areas don’t get used because it's too hot in summer and too wet in winter.

Why have a beautiful home with an outdoor area you can’t use? You deserve an outdoor room that compliments your home, and suits your lifestyle.

We work with people like you every day.

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It has been our pleasure to help hundreds of Kiwis create spaces for better outdoor living.
They now enjoy sitting in the sun for a morning cuppa or hosting friends and family for alfresco dining. They have added space and value to their homes.

We work with people who have an eye for detail and design. People who have a deck or patio area that they want to use all year round and who want to cover it with a roof that suits the style of their home.
A flat roof over deck, with outdoor furniture

Which roof suits my lifestyle?

How do you know what would suit you lifestyle best without someone helping you?
After all, you don't know what you don't know.
We can help - download our look book today, and decide for yourself.

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Create a room to
suit your lifestyle.

Working with us is simple.


We will tailor a quote for you, best suited to your design and budget at a fixed cost so there are no hidden surprises.


Schedule a time at your place and together we will design a roof tailored to your space, suited to your lifestyle and needs.


Our team of professionals will build your new room to the highest standard, keeping you informed along the way.

Your home deserves some style.

You do not need to cover your deck with clear plastic on a wooden frame or with an arch that does not suit the lines of your home.

The Allure Louvre with it's bold architectural form or the Flat Roof with it's clean lines offer modern solutions that you will be proud to share with others.

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New Zealand engineering compliant

There are many ways to build - we have chosen to build to last.

We only use the highest quality products.
The Stratco Allure Louvre System and the Stratco Flat Roof are engineered to meet the NZ building code. 

There is no requirement to get building consent for our roof structures under 30sqm.
Because of this we see a number of products and suppliers who use this to excuse their lack of structural integrity.

We work with our suppliers to ensure that what we build is covered by PS1 and a Producer Statement. 
Every design is either drawn directly into an engineering program by one of our project managers or by our suppliers design engineer.

You can be confident that your outdoor room will be designed, engineered, built and warrantied to last.

Great investment value

Given that the typical square metre rate to build a house in New Zealand is typically $2500+ per square meter, the ability to expand your living space with an outdoor room adds a lot of value for less cost.

You gain a living and entertainment space for a fraction of the cost of adding another internal room to your house.

Plus, the added benefit of allowing plenty of natural light into your house, along with a beautifully aesthetic piece that you will be proud to show off, makes an outdoor room the go-to solution.

Our point of difference

Most outdoor spaces don't get used because they're too hot in summer and too wet in winter. Up until now, solutions to this have looked like tacky add-ons to the house.
We create stylish outdoor rooms that enable you and your family to enjoy the space at any time, in any weather.

Our business is growing not because of us but because satisfied customers are giving referrals and testimonies online and in person. We are just as grateful to our customers for sharing as they are for the work that we have done.

Everything we do is geared toward giving you a space that so exceeds your expectations that you would be excited about sharing it with your friends and family and an experience that motivates you to recommend us to others.

To achieve this we listen to you, share our experience and build using quality products to create a space that suits you. We absolutely love arriving to a bare unused patio and leaving customers excited about the result looking forward to enjoying their outdoor room.

Building with consents

Building consents are not generally required for pergolas, porches or verandas under 30 square meters when attached to an existing structure. 

Above 30 square meters is no problem at all, as we build with fully engineered plans to satisfy the building code.

In the event that your structure requires consent we will work with you and can readily supply all documentation that the councils require to move forward.

Don't wait.

You are one click away from a beautiful new outdoor room.
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