Glazed roof

Enjoy the sun, while keeping the rain out, to create a year-round space for entertaining or relaxing.

Don't waste another autumn because of the unpredictable weather

Transforming your unusable deck into an outdoor room creates a space for you to build special memories with your family this autumn.

Clear glazed roof options

Enduro Lite
Enduro Glaze
Archi Glaze
Product description
Economical deck and patio cover custom designed to your space with a slimline profile.
The ultimate deck and patio cover featuring clean lines that seamlessly integrate together with internally reinforced beams and rafters, making it the ideal modern addition to your outdoor living space.
Ideal for commercial settings and architectural homes featuring extra thick polycarbonate sheets and custom powder coated options.
widths & spans
Widths between posts
Max span of rafter
Clearspan sheets without purlins
Ability to overhang past outside beam
wind zones
Very High
Extra High
component details
Aluminium colour options
Black, Ironsand, Charcoal, White
Black, Ironsand, Charcoal, White
Dulux powder coat range
Polycarbonate sheet colors
Clear Diffused
Dark Grey
Clear Diffused
Dark Grey
Polycarbonate sheet sizes
600mm x 2.0mm
600mm x 2.4mm
600mm x 2.0mm
600mm x 2.4mm
750mm x 4.2mm
600mm x 6.0mm
750mm x 8.0mm
88 x 53mm
80 x 93mm
45 x 100mm
72 x 72mm
75 x 75mm or 100 x 100mm
100 x 100mm
101 x 66mm
93 x 78mm
100 x 150mm
Glazing bar system
Rubberized Grip
Screwclamp + Rubberized Grip
Screwclamp + Rubberized Grip
Attachment to house
Integrated wall connector + beam
Integrated wall connector + beam
Gutter style
Integrated beam gutter
Integrated beam gutter
PVC add-on to end of rafter

Technical specifications

Attachment types

The archi glaze roof attaches to your home using the following styles, or as a freestanding structure.

Attached to soffit

Clear glazed roof soffit bracket

Footing types

Don't just take our word for it

Read what our customers have to say.

“We had looked at lots of different options for our space before we decided to go with The Outdoor Room Company. We wanted a solution that gave us a classy looking, permanent roof structure, which retained internal light inside our house. Blending an old style house with a modern structure was a risk, but we are thrilled with the result. I appreciated the collaborative approach to the project, and the care the team took to complete the work to a very high standard.”

- Rosemary from Hillsborough

“We absolutely love our outdoor room. From start to finish the team were fantastic. It is wonderful having such a versatile living area, for rain or shine! We are thrilled with the quality and look of the space - it ties in perfectly with the rest of our house. We are so glad we found you guys, thank you so much Outdoor Room Company!”

- Bridget from Welbourn

“The Outdoor Room Company have been wonderful to deal with from start to finish. They are responsive, knowledgeable, had attention to detail, considerate, went the extra mile, left the site very tidy, and were patient with our dogs that found the tradies onsite a bit too exciting! They’ve created two extra living spaces we can now use that we never utilised before, and both roofs have lowered the stifling summer heat in our house, much to our relief, without blocking the natural light. We would highly recommend the team to see what magic can be done at your place!”

- Jenn from Vogeltown

“Absolutely love how the louvre has transformed our outside area. Joe guided us through the process, providing advice on size, colours available etc, coordinating installation with our electrician (we added lights to the louvre), and with our concrete installer. Very professional service. Looks fantastic and I can see us using this area so much more!”

- Joanne from Whenuapai

“We’re ecstatic about the job The Outdoor Room Company have just done for us! A beautiful lofty flat roof over our deck allows plenty of light and weather protection. Four mesh blinds can be raised or lowered to manage whatever conditions arise, so blazing sun or a sudden squall, the BBQ continues in comfort.The team were a pleasure to work with. Attention to detail, quality workmanship, and superb materials all contributed to make an additional outdoor room that we are loving already.“

- Barbara from Onehunga

“The guys at the Outdoor Room Company did an amazing job for us. A really good outdoor space is now a GREAT outdoor space. Honestly, the louvre roof has really transformed our home. It is the best decision we have made! A great experience all round with these guys - professional, friendly and trustworthy who left us with a premium result. I highly recommend their product and service.”

- Nick from Mt Eden

Frequently asked questions

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What is a glazed roof?

The glazed roof comprises of a rafter system with glazing sheets between that allow filtered sunlight into the space, while keeping the rain out.
If light is an issue in your space, the archi glaze roof enables a great space to relax while allowing the sun to flood the area with natural light.

For technical specifications for each type of glazed roof, read more below.

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What does a glazed roof cost?

Our outdoor room expert will work with you to come up with a glazed roof design that meets your budget.

Typically, an Enduro glazed roof will sit between $600-$700 per square meter, including GST, fully installed.
An Archi glazed roof will typically sit in the $1200-$1400 range.

Do you offer finance?

Yes! Through our partnership with Q Card you can get up to 24 months interest free on your glazed roof purchase through The Outdoor Room Company.

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What wind zones can a glazed roof withstand?

New Zealand is a windy place which is often a big concern for Kiwis.

Since every project is designed and built according to the individual specifications of the area, you can be sure that your glazed roof is not going to blow away in the next cyclone.

What are some advantages of adding a glazed roof?

- Extend your living space with a weatherproof covering.
- Space for friends and family to connect.
- Warm and bright area to relax.
- Add value to your home.
- Enables a lifestyle that expands beyond the size of your home.

Do you offer customised glazed roof solutions?

Yes! Every time we we cover a deck or patio area with a glazed roof, it is custom made to that space. Our outdoor room experts are knowledgeable in the engineering specifications of your project and are able to create the right design for you.

What maintenance is required for the glazed roof?

No one wants to spend their summer cleaning their covering.
The glazed roof requires minimal upkeep, with a wash every 6 months to keep the space feeling fresh and clean.

The materials used are powder-coated extruded aluminium, which is a rust-free material.

How it works

An outdoor room expert will guide you through three easy steps.



Your outdoor room expert will meet you at your home to discuss your vision for the space. They will draw your archi glaze roof design on a project plan, which they will leave with you to look over.



Look over the quote and approve the details of the discussed archi glaze roof design with the benefit of our fixed-price guarantee. Once your quote has been signed, your expert will get your order underway.



Schedule your build for a date that suits you within the given timeframe. Your expert will lead your archi glaze roof project from start to finish to ensure everything that we promised you gets delivered.

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